Waste Management Planning

Construction sites should practice waste management efficiently to ensure that the city is kept clean and safe. Rubbish and other unwanted site materials are not the only things that are considered as a waste. Other materials such as dirt and soil along with construction materials like asphalt, bricks, concrete, etc. are also considered as waste. Some waste materials can even be considered as hazardous like contaminated soil and asbestos. Therefore, practising proper waste management is essential to keep our environment safe and healthy.

Skip bins are one of the best waste management solution for your construction site. These bins are specially made to collect construction waste materials. They can withstand the force of having heavy waste materials thrown into them and they can hold concrete, bricks, and other heavy construction wastes. However, you can’t include car tyres, batteries, liquids and food wastes in the bin, with an exception for asbestos. You must call your chosen company first to let them know that you’ll be throwing asbestos waste in the bin.

Hook Lift Bins

Hooklift bin, Waste Management Planning

If you need even more capacity and strength, you may want to opt into hook lift bins. Though residential customers can benefit from this, commercial customers are the primary target of hook lift bins due to the nature of their waste disposal needs.

But if you are a residential customer and you need the capacity and strength of a hook lift bin, don’t hesitate to contact a bin provider as this can help you do your waste management and clean-up easier and faster.

Most of the time, a hook lift bin of about 10-15 cubic metre is recommended for large scale residential projects while 20 cubic metre and larger bins are for commercial projects.

Waste management is an integral part of any construction, rehabilitation and clean-up projects. This is to make sure that Newcastle Skips can comply with the law and that our environment is kept safe and clean.

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