Using Skip Bins When Renovating

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According to the experts at the Australian Bureau of Statistics there was approximately  $7.2 billion worth of major renovations done by Australians in 2014 and 2015. Equally, that means that there were also millions, to billions, of tons of waste generated. This total does not include other types of projects such as construction, demolition jobs, and cleaning deceased estates. Therefore, to keep everything environment-friendly and tidy, you have to develop a good waste management plan. Your plan should contain all the   considerations that will eventually make the renovation process easier.

Skip Bin Sizes

Consider the waste materials

Before deciding to get skip bins for your renovations, you have to ask yourself what types of materials will go into it. Make a list of things you see that will eventually be considered waste such as bricks, tiles, concrete, and built-in furniture. This will help suppliers and service providers like Newcastle Skips to evaluate the needs of your renovation project and whether or not to get separate bins for different materials like asbestos, which can be dangerous for your health.

Determine the skip bins size requirements

After considering the types of waste materials you’ll be producing, it’s time to think about the amount of it you’ll generate throughout the duration of your project.

  • 2m3 to 3m3 bins are usually great when you’re just renovating one room of a home. They are small, but provide ample disposal storage.
  • 4m3 to 6m3 skip bins are usually for those looking to renovate small commercial spaces or multiple rooms of a house.
  • 10m3 to 25m3 skip bins are usually used for projects that involve a bit of heavy industrial work such as multiple floors of a building.

So, knowing or estimating the amount of waste you’re going to produce will help you decide whether you need a smaller skip bin or a larger one with rear opening doors. This step can potentially even save you money and working space.

Consider the cost

Different suppliers charge different rates, and so you may face a few challenges while looking for cheap skip bins. Some charge a flat rate and some charge a daily rate. Some suppliers require you to be under contract and some suppliers like Newcastle Skips do not. As such, if you’re not careful, you may end up having to pay more or end up being inconvenienced during the renovation process. Make sure that the payment terms and cost agreements are clear between you and the supplier.

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