Using Skip Bins for Event Waste Management

Using Skip Bins for Event Waste Management

Does the thought of event aftermath scare you? We understand. Water bottles, plastic packaging, and food containers – you name it. It can be a hassle, but if you know the secret of using skip bins, it doesn’t need to be one. Good thing Skip The Tip has bin there, done that (pun intended).

Most events that produce tons of trash are concerts, big sports events, and marathons. It’s been consistent that the amount spent on waste removal gets a big chunk of an event’s budget. However, you can hire large skip bins and cheap skip bin services to make the most out of that post-event clean-up budget.

Here are some factors that encourage proper waste disposal.


  • Capacity

If you aren’t yet aware, a skip bin is a trapezoid shaped container for waste. They’re available in a range of sizes and are specifically made for holding large amounts of waste. Skip the Tip bins are ready for hire any time.

Here’s the situation: you throw a party in your backyard and now you have garbage overflowing your regular garbage bin. Moreover, these types of events produce waste that usually takes a shorter time to decompose, creating a foul-smelling environment.

Big events, such as concerts and music festivals, usually produce colossal amounts of waste that even council rubbish collection service can’t deal with. On average, people have two or three meals in a 6-hour period. Those meals are sure to have packaging that turns into waste after consumption. Hiring both small and large skip bins can help your event waste management by delivering a platform where people, the audience, could throw their waste. More importantly, skip bins can keep your waste in one place.

Skip bins can consolidate the waste from numerous rubbish bins that you have spread out at your event. Having this facility would make waste disposal and waste management easier, and that’s good for the environment.

Number and Location

  • Number and Location

There was a study which proved that when the recycling bins were moved into the classrooms at a school, the mean weekly number of plastic bottles placed in the recycling bins increased substantially. This means that when you have more waste disposal facilities in your event, you encourage attendees to put their trash in the proper place. Skip bins will help you encourage concertgoers, runners, and sports fans at your big event to dispose of their rubbish before they leave.

Smaller skip bins can be placed near the exits or near the restrooms so that people would have the chance to take out their rubbish. Remember that overflowing rubbish bins are not a pretty sight. This brings us to our next point.

Upkeep and maintenance

  • Upkeep and maintenance

When you organise an event, you have a whole list of things that you have to make sure of: deliveries, the logistics, lights and sounds, the food, the guests. One thing you should not need to be concerned about is keeping it clean. Strategically placing bins around the area will encourage guests to do the right thing with garbage and keep your event looking tidy – not like a dump.

Things to consider before hiring

Before you choose your Newcastle  Skip the Tip bins it’s important to know what bin size you need. It is also essential to hire a reliable company that can accommodate the demands of your event. Whether you have a big or small event, remember that you will be using a chunk of your budget on waste, so it has to be effective. Skip worrying about your waste and hire a skip bin.

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