Uses of Hook Lift Bins

Uses of Hooklift Bins - Skip bin hire, Skip bins Newcastle, Newcastle skip bins

Modern technology has come up with a huge number of ways to improve the materials of what you use on a daily basis and make them as recyclable as possible. However, not all forms of waste can be recyclable, such as those that you would need to dispose of from a house renovation, construction, or demolition job. It is for this reason that you need the help of a hook lift bin.

How it works

Hook lift bins come in different sizes so they can accommodate proper waste disposal for any sized project. Your unrecyclable waste like concrete, bricks, and tiles are loaded into this bin, and a truck lifts the bin through the hook, which is the docking point at the back of the bin.

The docking point is a strong, curved metal bar which sets the bin in place as it is hooked to the truck. Then, the truck is ready to take the bin to where it needs to go.

Why you need to know its uses

The reason hook lift bins come in different sizes is because they are designed for different purposes. Below, you will learn what size bin is appropriate for a specific type of clean up.

Mini Skip Bins [2 or 3 cubic metres]

These small bins are suitable for quick clean-ups of all types of general waste found in a  house and yard. General waste includes concrete, sand, dirt, timber, and even small furniture and household items that you are ready to dispose of.

Walk-in Skip Bins [4 or 6 cubic metres]

What’s good about the walk-in skip bins available in Newcastle Skips is that they have a special feature which makes a lifting job easier: the bins have a rear opening door made for easy access with a wheelbarrow. The size of these bins makes them ideal for medium-sized residential renovation clean-ups and small commercial construction and demolition jobs. They can hold a combination of general waste like bricks, sand, tiles, and the like along with plaster, timber, and other household items.

Industrial Grade Walk-in Skip Bins [10 or 15 cubic metres]

The size of these bins best fits estate clean-ups and large-scale commercial projects. Deceased estate means a structure or property that is left by a deceased person. It has usually been lived in for a long time and, whether it is to be sold or renovated, it may require a large clean-up.

On the other hand, large industrial projects such as building demolition or shop re-fits may also need a large bin to accommodate larger waste loads. Newcastle Skips industrial-grade bins can withstand the toughest waste disposal jobs including construction waste like concrete and topsoil.

Place your orders online for Newcastle skip bins for hire

Hook lift bin options are provided by Newcastle Skips to give you choices as to the type or size of bin that will best fit your waste disposal needs. From local homeowners to construction contractors, our goal is to be able to give you a simple yet efficient process of waste disposal with our specialised bins. Hook lift bins can take a wide range of waste types including general waste, wood, timber, furniture, and even garden waste materials. However, weight restrictions vary. This is why Newcastle Skips can recommend which bins will be appropriate for bricks, concrete, dirt, and tiles.

Now that Newcastle Skips have given you a guide about hook lift bins, their sizes and uses, all you need to do is decide when you are ready for a skip bin hire. Check our Skip Bin Hire page under Services for requirements on permits and other information you may need to know before requesting your bin online. When you’re ready, complete the Enquiry Form or get a Free Online Quote and we will be able to assist you in keeping your home, yard or business area waste-free.

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