Spring Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

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Spring is the best time for cleaning and decluttering the entire house. After all, it is easy for the dust to settle and for the clutter to pile up during winter when most of us feel like doing nothing at all. Towards the end of winter, as the sun begins to show itself once again and the trees, flowers, and plants reinvigorate themselves, it’s time to start anew. However, as one season just passed with almost no cleaning at all, chances are that everything can easily get messed up when you begin spring cleaning. In order to prevent that, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help you organise your spring cleaning.

Do make a list ahead of time. It is important to make everything organised. One way to organise things is to break things up into smaller sections, prioritising certain areas to speed things up and to easily cover larger areas which accumulate more clutter, dirt, and dust.

Do take one area or task at a time. The purpose of making a list is to break things into smaller tasks in order to make cleaning faster and easier. Pick a small area and focus on that alone. Don’t move, don’t pass, just make sure everything’s done in that area first. And don’t over-exert yourself, only do what is attainable at the time – perhaps around three hours for each task followed by a decent break.

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Do vacuum before mopping, especially around your kitchen and bathroom areas. These places can easily accumulate dust which makes it harder to clean. By vacuuming before mopping, you can prevent your mop and cloth from accumulating dirt. A mop or cloth full of dirt will only spread it further, making it harder and longer to finish things up.

a woman sitting and a glass of water in the table Do prepare for allergies. Be sure to prepare and take your allergy meds if you are allergic (especially to dust). Also, keep your home well ventilated to prevent from inhaling the harsh chemicals used in cleaning materials.

Do hire skip bins to help you get rid of your unwanted stuff. Rubbish and other unneeded materials can be a pain to manage, but with skip bins, you can just put your rubbish into the bin and the skip bin company will do the rest for you. Spring cleaning is easier with a skip bin hire.

Don’t use too much cleaning product. Many people think that using a lot of cleaning solution will make things easier and faster, especially if you haven’t cleaned for a long time. This isn’t the case. Always follow the recommendation on the product’s label. 

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Don’t take unscheduled breaks. Most of the time, whenever I take an unscheduled break while cleaning, I lose all motivation, leaving behind an unfinished area. Never take an unscheduled break, always create a list of tasks and schedule and follow it accordingly.

Don’t do everything at once. Cleaning takes time, and if there’s a lot of things to do, it’s only practical to divide your spring cleaning task over a span of a few days or even a week. Don’t over-exert yourself as it will only produce undesirable results.

Don’t keep your phone or any device easily accessible to you during your cleaning. It’s a great distracting tool that will only see you get side-tracked from your current cleaning mission. So, keep them out of your reach!

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