Skip Bin Sizes (which fits into which?)

Skip Bin Sizes (which fits into which?) - Newcastle Skip Bins

Skip bins are essential components and tools for enabling better waste management systems, which has become paramount these days due to the growing number of people living in Australia. The increased population impacts the overall efficiency of the systems processing the tonnes and tonnes of generated waste material. But skip bins for hire can also be inefficient if you get one that doesn’t fit your needs. So, it’s important that you get the right sizes for your projects.

Skip Bin Sizes

2m3 to 3m3 Skip Bins

Smaller bins or mini skip bins are great for projects like kitchen renovations and cleaning small houses. Choose a bin this size if you’ll be throwing out light materials like screens, tiles, bricks, empty boxes, and a few other general products like cartons and household items. The advantage of using these skip bin sizes is that they’re compact and will fit mostly anywhere you would need it to fit.

4m3 to 6m3 Skip Bins

Mid-sized or walk-in skip bins are actually big enough to fit waste from a house renovation project or a small commercial construction and they’re a bit more flexible than the industrial grade bins. They’re still small enough to not cause any major obstruction or blockage, but big enough to make handling waste more manageable. They’re also able to be used as waste bins for concrete, timber, and dispensable furniture. You can even use them with your demolition jobs.

10m3 to 25m3 Skip Bins

Also called industrial skip bins, these large containers are a regular sight in major construction, renovation and demolition projects. They are equipped with a rear door which helps streamline the waste collection process by providing easy access for wheelbarrows. They are made to be more durable to handle heavy industrial work. Skip bins with these sizes can also be used for clearing out large estates for a complete move-out.

Newcastle Skips understands your needs

With years of experience with waste management and environmental conservation, Newcastle Skips is not only equipped with all the sizes of cheap skip bins you’ll ever need, we also have around 8 trucks available six days a week to make sure that you get them when you need them. Not only that, Newcastle Skips also offers flexible service options so that you’re not obligated through a contract to use our services exclusively.

Moreover, we have a team of experienced professionals who will guide you through different processes. If you have any questions regarding Newcastle skip bins or getting a quote, you can always give us a call or send us a message. We’ll be sure to get back to you and provide you with the necessary information or help you need.

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