Skip Bin Sizes

Skip Bin Sizes

Choose from a wide range of skip bin sizes.

Waste is easy to produce but difficult to get rid of. Pretty much every home-related project you can think of will produce a lot of refuse. Renovations, cleaning projects, restorations, and refurbishments are just a few examples. The type of waste being produced by each project should also be considered. The bigger the waste produced, the more innovative the solution for the rubbish removal needs to be. That is what skip bins are for. Skip bin hire is an excellent solution for clearing up the waste you want to get rid of.

The Size of Your Skip Bin Matters

The Size of Your Skip Bin Matters

Choosing the size of the skip should be the first step that you do for your skip bin hire. Different demands will require different skip bin sizes. For minor projects like small room remodelling, then a smaller skip bin. Perhaps a 2m3 or a 3m3 bin should suffice.

For bigger endeavours like renovating an entire house, use a large skip bin. What’s important is not to underestimate the amount of waste that you have to remove.

Other things to consider are:

  • Waste size
  • Waste weight
  • Waste type

Of course, you also have to consider what you can’t put inside the skip bin. Generally, anything that needs special procedures to get rid of can’t be thrown in the skip. These include liquids, food waste, tyres, and hazardous materials like asbestos. Also, take note that construction waste and general waste cannot be mixed in one skip bin.

Newcastle Skips have several skip bin sizes

Skip Bin Sizes

Newcastle Skips have several skip bin sizes that you can choose from. We’ve got the broadest range of sizes that you can find in the area. The skip bins we have available are ideal for both home and commercial use, depending on the size you choose. Of course, make sure that you take the tips we mentioned above into account while making your choice. If you’re looking to hire skip bins, here are the sizes that we have in stock:

·       2m3 skip bin

2m3 skips are the most economical skip bins that we have and can serve a variety of purposes. These are excellent for ridding your home of wastes if you’re doing regular cleaning. If you want your house clean-up to go smoothly, this is your best choice.

·       3m3 skip bin

If you’re doing small renovations at home, then a 3m3 skip bin is a great pick. This size can accommodate slightly larger items and heavier wastes. These are ideal for renovation waste removal and are still among the less expensive skip bins for hire.

·       4m3 skip bin

Do you think a major clean-up of your home is needed? Cleaning up all rooms can produce quite a lot of waste and can be troublesome to manage. You will need a large skip bin to take care of all the things you will want to throw out. The 4m3 skip bin will serve you well for this endeavour. It can also be ideal for small home renovations.

·       6m3 skip bin

A 6m3 skip bin is great for getting rid of large amounts of waste. Multiple room renovation projects will require skips of at least this size at the minimum. A complete clean-up and refurbishing of larger homes will also require skips of this size. This skip can also accommodate heavy items, making it ideal for disposing of old or damaged furniture.

·       10m3 skip bin

It is the largest regular skip bin that we can offer. If you’re doing a complete renovation of an entire home storey, then get this one. Construction waste like tiles, concrete, bricks, and granite can be disposed of en masse. Again, take note that general waste cannot be mixed with construction waste when you take this size.

·       10m3 or 20m3 hook lift bin

These are large and can accommodate hefty items. A huge advantage of these bins is that they can be hoisted up easily by trucks. That makes these hook lift bins suitable for commercial clean-ups, massive renovations, or when moving houses.

·       25m3 or 30m3 hook lift bin

The 25m3 and 30m3 hook lift bins are the largest bins we have for hire. These are excellent for total home renovations or larger commercial use. If you need a lot of space and the waste you will produce is heavy, get this.

Looking for a skip bin in Newcastle? We’ll take care of that skip bin hire.

Newcastle Skips, a Newcastle skip bin company, is the most efficient and cost-effective hiring service you can find. If you are eyeing a clean-up, home renovation, or disposing of large amounts of old items, then a skip bin hire may be just what you need. We have many premier skip bins that you can choose from that are sure to cater to your rubbish removal needs. Please contact us on 0405 490 000.

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