Skip bin safety tips

Skip Bin Safety Tips

If you are considering to hire a skip bin, you should also know that there are some safety tips that you need to consider to make sure that everyone’s safe. To prevent anyone from getting injured, you need to keep in mind some of the following safety tips.

Load the Skip Evenly

This is necessary to keep the balance, preventing the bin on tipping the truck after pickup. This could be dangerous for the driver or even for you as it could fall over while you’re still at it. It shouldn’t be a perfectly balanced load, but do not put heavy materials on one side and light materials on the other. Keep the heaviest materials at the bottom of the bin to keep a lower centre of gravity to prevent tipping

Do not Crush the Rubbish

You may want to fill the skip bin with more rubbish, so you decided to crush it using your legs and feet, then suddenly, there’s blood all over. This could happen to you if there are sharp objects in the bin such as glasses, pipes, woods, etc.

Fill to the Top of the skip bin only

Fill to the Top of the skip bin Only

Keep the waste within the skip bin to avoid spilling, especially when your skip bin’s picked up. It’s even illegal in some places to carry dangerous loads like an overfilled bin and worse case is that bricks, metal or pieces of large wood could fall during transportation possibly injuring someone on the road.

Things that Don’t Go to the skip bin

Never put any hazardous materials in the skip bin. This includes asbestos, batteries, oil, paint, gas bottles, explosives, solvents, etc. In addition of keeping you and your environment safe, you will also avoid any legal charges as it is illegal to put those things in the bin. If you are unsure about what substance you can and cannot put into the bin, contact your skip bin company.

These tips are not only helpful in keeping you safe, it will also help you avoid any legal charges and environmental hazards. So, be safe and keep everything clean and green!

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