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Many people use, and sometimes overuse, electronic equipment and then just carelessly disregard it when it stops functioning. In a race to have the latest flat-screen TV or the best smartphone, we disregard one crucial thing about our old gadgets – what do they do to the environment exactly?

E-waste is comprised of many materials that generally have a hard time decomposing in nature and thus require special care and attention from both officials and citizens alike. The more we develop, the more old devices we discard and thus install a burden upon the environment and bestow incredible amounts of pollution upon nature.

This is why it’s important to know how to handle different types of e-waste, where to store them, what the alternatives to throwing them away are, etc. If you take a look at the following reasons and tips and work together with others, the Earth will be a cleaner and better place.

A war that concerns everyone – Best ways to dispose e-waste

Some of the materials like plastic, steel, and copper, are crucial components of every electrical device. They have an incredibly long decomposition rate and won’t go away if simply thrown out of sight. Given that electronics are cheaper and more available than ever, people buy them more and throw away many of their older gadgets. This is another reason why we should employ drastic measure to kill off the improper disposal of e-waste.

You can find licensed e-waste recyclers all around the world. On employing them to take those annoying old monitors, TVs, and phones off your hands; you should be sure that all that stuff goes to the right place. That can mean an additional benefit for you, because many of the companies willingly pay, depending on the size and weight of the waste.

You can also choose to donate your old electronic equipment. Just because you aren’t in need of something, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who can’t use it. There are organisations like the Women’s Refuge, which provides mobile phones and gadgets to women and children in need, or the Humane Society which recycles mobile phones to raise funds and to reduce the environmental impact on animals. So you will both be saving the environment and doing a good deed. You can find drop off points for these charities around your city.

Recycle E-waste and enjoy cheap brand new products

Just picture this – for every new computer or cell phone, metals are being mined, plastic is being crafted and all the materials are created from scratch. That costs a lot of money and that’s partially why some of your devices are expensive. If only we’d organise ourselves to RECYCLE all our e-waste – gadgets and electronic devices could be made from recycled materials and be much, much cheaper.

Now, such a plan may be a long time ahead, but it should be implemented in the near future because we would both benefit our wallets and the environment. The law of the economic market dictates that the more abundant something is – the lesser its price is. Now, imagine if we recycled all of our computers from the 1999s and 2000s. We would overflow the market with materials fit to be recycled and we could start buying phones and laptops for a bargain price. We control this aspect of the market and we can affect it in more ways than one.

Be a help to less fortunate

We’ve already mentioned this but the aspect of helping those who aren’t financially able is the most important thing here. Think of the number of children in impoverished households who have the potential to succeed, but money is the only thing holding them back. Think of how the internet helps you to finish your school and college projects and ask yourselves why wouldn’t someone else deserve it?

There are great young minds around the world and their potential should be a reward and their lives boosted. You can choose from numerous humanitarian organisations which donate electronic devices to school kids in poor neighbourhoods or less developed countries. Not only will you not be required to throw away all your old computers and phones, but you will enhance the quality of someone else’s life.

This also goes for veterans, children of deceased police officers and soldiers and pretty much everyone else who needs a hand. We, as a society, will only succeed if we work together tirelessly so that everyone can have even the basic connection to the infinite amount of information available.

Boost the economy and create new jobs

Imagine if every electronics manufacturer or electronics owner was under an obligation to recycle their own e-waste and that there was a hefty fine for those who failed to do so. In the beginning, those fines would be handed out on a daily basis and the fear of a financial loss would quickly motivate people. Kids would be educated and we would all be more responsible as a society, altogether.

For example, a 2016 survey found out that in the US, only 40% out of all disposed of computers were being recycled. The numbers are even worse when you look at other types of e-waste. Only 33% for monitors, 11% for mobile devices, and 10% for keyboards and mice. If you add all the other categories, only 27% of all disposed e-waste is being recycled, while the rest is left trashed and discarded.

The recycling industry is a growing and although still young, these numbers show it is even more promising. Recycling the 72% of waste that is left non-recycled would create 300% more jobs in the industry. More jobs mean more people will have economic stability and the world’s economy will grow stronger by the year. The more we choose to commit to this cause, more people will take part in it and everyone will both get money for it and participate in the saving of our planet.

Do your bit for a greener tomorrow

Newcastle Skips all seem to be caught up in boosting our careers so much that we forget that Earth isn’t indestructible. The whole point of properly disposing of e-waste is for all of us to join together and heal nature, help the less-fortunate, create jobs, lower the prices and boost our economy. There is nothing better than that and there is no time better for that than right now!

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