Roof Tiles in Skip Bins?

a construction worker was disposing some roof tiles in skip bins

A roof replacement means that a heavy load of waste materials requires disposal. Skip bins play an important role for getting rid of roof tiles and sending them to a land fill. It is wise to think about which type of skip bin you’ll use before the actual roof replacement takes place.

Below, we aim to provide you with a better understanding of roof tiles and why they should be contained in skip bins. Here are some reasons why skip bins are used for roof tiles disposal:

1. Weight

On average, roof tiles weigh about 1 tonne per cubic metre regardless of whether they are made of concrete or fired clay. Given that heaviness, a skip bin provides an easy way of loading and unloading these roof tiles.

2. Load Capacity

different kinds of skip bins was place along the street

Choosing the right size of skip bin is cost efficient. Determining the size of the roof surface will help determine the volume of roof tiles that will need to be put in the skip bin. The volume of concrete or masonry material depends on the thickness of the tiles. It is useful to consult professional roofers to ascertain roof area size and calculate the volume of the tiles. You can then look for an appropriate skip bin size that will best hold the volume of your roof tile disposal job.

3. Consider Recycling

Another thing to consider when disposing of roof tiles is to have them recycled. A better way to do this is to get a specific skip bin for masonry or concrete. By separating recyclable tiles before they go to the land fill, it can save you from waste levy costs and other handling charges.

Moreover, this act of segregating those tiles or materials which could recycled to become new products also means you are helping save our resources and the environment.

4. Prompt Disposal

There’s no easy way to get rid of roof tiles except with the use of skip bins. Once you are finished loading the skip bin, you can easily have the bin removed from your work site. Aside from having an easy roof waste disposal system, the immediate bin removal may also save your new tiles from possibly being contaminated with other elements from the old tiles. It may also save you from double work for roofers and spending more on additional roof tiles.

Hire Newcastle skip bins for your convenience

There’s no more convenient way to dispose of old roof tiles than by using Newcastle skip bins. They are available in various sizes for any small, medium, or large waste disposal job. We assure you that we provide clean, durable bins.

We also provide you with a prompt service, and the fast delivery and pick up of skip bins. Most of all, we follow through to ensure that your disposal needs are met in the quickest possible time. If in any case there’s a need for additional assistance, our friendly staff is just a phone call away.

Skip bins are designed to provide an easy means to transport and dispose roof tiles in your roof replacement project. This way, you can look forward to the new roof that you will have without worrying about how to dispose the old tiles and other materials taken from the roof surface. This way, you can enjoy seeing your new roof in place and leave the disposal job to Newcastle Skips.

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