New Year’s Resolution Ideas about Waste Management

New Year’s Resolution Ideas about Waste Management

The start of the New Year is the perfect time and opportunity to look back and reflect on what you could have done better in the previous year. This could pertain to your job, your family, your health, or your finances. Have you ever considered making waste management part of your New Year’s resolution? Managing your wastes is not only healthy for the environment and the community, it is also healthy and beneficial for you and your family.

Waste management and rubbish removal tips for 2018

Here are some waste management resolution ideas that you can add to your new year’s resolutions list.

Go paperless.

1. Go paperless.

Let’s start with the easiest and simplest to do. If you have not switched from mailed bills and bank statements to electronic bills and statements sent to your email, do it now!

Electronic and digital bills save you from the hassle of lost bills in the mail. You can also switch to e-books instead of buying paperbacks of your favourite authors. Having them in your tablet or smartphone makes it easy to bring your to-read books on your next vacation trips. Your favourite magazine subscriptions may also have digital editions that you can opt for instead of the physical copy.

Skip those plastic bags.

2. Skip those plastic bags.

You may have heard this before, but just to say it again – bag-less is better! Bring a reusable bag with you the next time you go shopping. There are attractive, reusable shopping bags that you can opt for. Skip those tacky plastic bags. Go green and look way better when shopping and doing groceries. Just imagine the waste that you avoid when you use reusable shopping bags.

3. Buy local produce.

Buying local produce does not only support your local farmers and local community, it also helps reduce waste. By buying local produce, you help reduce the amount of packaging and transportation needed to ship produce to your local groceries.

4. Donate to your local goodwill.

Those old clothes, books, and toys do not have to go to trash. Round up the things that your family no longer uses and are just using up valuable space in your home. What you consider trash may still be useful for some people in need. Clean your space while helping others at the same time.

Go for cloth.

5. Go for cloth.

If you have babies, imagine the amount of disposable diapers that go in your trash bin on a daily basis. Reusable cloth diapers with cute and adorable prints are available in the market. The convenience that disposable diapers bring to busy mothers makes the complete switch to cloth diapers difficult, with all the washing involved. Why not use just one cloth diaper in a day? By using cloth at least once a day, you take off 365 disposable diapers from your landfills.

Women also have the option for reusable cloth pads and cups.

Store your food properly.

6. Store your food properly.

At home, or for packed lunch, use a crisper or properly sealed containers to extend the life of your food and to lessen food wastes. It also helps to plan your groceries and meals for the week to avoid throwing out wasted food that you have not even touched.

Use reusable containers for storing foods to lessen your plastic wastes. Reusable and sealed containers are also better in keeping your food free from any contamination.

Dispose of your wastes properly through skip bins.

7. Dispose of your wastes properly through skip bins.

Waste cannot be avoided, and the responsible thing left to do is to dispose of it properly. Group your recyclable wastes and the non-recyclable ones. Being able to segregate your waste is already a big help.

There are skip bins that you can hire for your waste management and disposal. There are skip bins that you can use for general waste, garden and yard wastes, toxic materials, and other home construction material wastes such as wood, concrete, and steel.

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