Do I Need a Permit for My Skip Bin?

Do I Need a Permit for My Skip Bin

Skip bin hire in Newcastle is a simple and convenient process for any person or company looking to clear out some debris. After you have sorted out your rubbish, all you have to do is to secure a large skip bin, load the waste, and give payment.

You’ve probably wondered about the process of ordering a bin. Know first that here in Newcastle, permits are required for skip bins hire.

But the Newcastle City Council requirement for a permit doesn’t necessarily make the process of waste removal overly complicated. When it comes to Newcastle Skips, you don’t have to worry about securing the required permit, we’ll do that for you.

Why hire a skip bin?

Individuals and corporations, as well as communities, here in Newcastle hire skip bins to take care of the removal of rubbish. Skip bin hires companies to collect the waste that’s been accumulated as a result of a renovation, demolition, or clean-up process. They help remove clutter and make the environment more liveable.

The size and type of bin depend on the waste removal involved. If the waste is organic, or if it is hazardous, there will be different kinds of skip bin hire options available. The amount of waste, in terms of volume and weight, will also need to be considered.

Regardless of the reason behind hiring a skip bin, rubbish removal still involves several preparatory steps. Securing a permit is one of them.

Permits for skip bin hire

The requirement of a permit for skip bin hire depends on the city or region where the waste is being removed from. For example, you don’t need a permit for a large skip bin in Brisbane. All you need to do is to place the skip on a wide-spaced footpath and ensure you leave plenty of space for pedestrians.

However, in Newcastle (though not for Lake Macquarie), permits are required for bins. The Newcastle City Council requires residents of Newcastle who want to deliver household waste to any of the city’s waste sites to apply for a permit in advance.

Why are permits needed? In Newcastle, permits are required to keep track of the use of waste removal sites. The City Council wants to ensure that the Household Waste Recycling Centres will be used only by the residents of Newcastle, who fund them through the council tax. The same goes for waste disposal sites for commercial wastes, and so on.


In summary, here are the characteristics of permits for skip bins:

1. Required for Newcastle, but not for Lake Macquarie

2. Non-transferable

3. Depending on vehicle size and ownership

4. Can be used for one-time-only

5. No expiry date

Preparing for a Newcastle skip bin hire

Preparing for a Newcastle skip bin hire

Securing a permit is just one step in the waste removal process. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

A. Getting a permit

As mentioned, the Newcastle City Council requires a permit before the transport and disposal of waste. You don’t need to do this personally; Newcastle Skips will arrange the permit for you.

B. Delivery and pick-up

The skip bin will be delivered to your location and picked up again after loading. Depending on your need and location, delivery and pick-up of the bins can happen on the same or different days.

C. Loading of waste

Waste loading can be easy without additional assistance if the rubbish is manageable. If you require extra assistance, Newcastle Skips can arrange for extra labor which comes with separate fees.

D. Payment

Skip bin hire comes at a fixed rate, depending on weight and size requirements. Newcastle Skips provide competitive prices with no hidden costs. The skip bin will remain with you for 7 days. If you need an earlier pick-up, you only need to make a prior arrangement.

The process of rubbish removal is as easy as that. The professional and efficient service at Newcastle Skips makes the process even easier.

If you have any concerns, simply contact our team. We provide efficient service 6 days a week, with a 24/7 booking system online for your convenience.

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