Mixed Bins: What is Co-Mingled Waste?

“How to dispose of all the rubbish we have?” is probably a question you are familiar with, especially after renovating your home or finishing a big construction project. When you have accumulated rubbish around your house, it’s time to call for a skip bins hire. Here in Newcastle, it’s easy and convenient to hire skip bins. All you have to do is order one over the phone or, more conveniently, you can book online. Two important things to consider prior to booking are the size of the skip bins you need and the kind of waste you are having removed.

There are different waste types that you have to consider in rubbish removal. It’s important to know this because certain waste types are not allowed in certain skip bins. There are also different weight restrictions and size requirements for your skip bin hire. Mixed load, also known as co-mingled waste, is a common type of rubbish people ask to be disposed of. 

What is co-mingled waste?

Co-mingled waste is basically mixed or unsorted rubbish, which requires a specific kind of skip bin and disposal cost. Most general household and yard waste qualifies as co-mingled waste. This includes things you find in your everyday waste removal and clean-up, like paper and documents, boxes, pieces of wood, cabinets, clothes, toys, carpet, technical waste like hard drives, green waste like yard clippings or compost, recyclable plastics, and so on. 

It even includes heavy materials like bricks, tree stumps (up to 30cm in diameter), concrete and soil. However, adding these to your waste removal skip bin hire can incur additional charges. Dry paints in cans that are emptied of contents can also be part of the mixed load. 

What you can’t include in co-mingled waste are the following:

  • tyres
  • batteries
  • putrescible or rotting food
  • asbestos
  • insulation
  • liquid paints, and
  • liquid waste like chemicals or oils.

Why is it important to know about co-mingled waste? In rubbish removal, we also consider how the rubbish will be processed later on. 

How do you dispose of co-mingled waste?

Co-mingled waste can be segregated later on in treatment facilities according to waste type, for recycling or reusing. But before that can happen, you have to hire skip bins in Newcastle to take care of the pick-up of your waste at home. 

Newcastle Skips is a trusted company that is locally owned and established in 1999. We are proud of our prompt delivery and pick-up services, operating 6 days in a week, whenever you need it. We provide clean and durable bins that are insured, so that your waste removal process will go smoothly. 

Newcastle Skips operates on an eco-friendly philosophy, with a commitment to recycling. If you have any questions at all about disposing of your co-mingled waste, you can call us at 0240 361 548. Our professional and friendly service can guide you through the process. You may also opt for our 24/7 online booking system for more convenience.

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