Learning about Liquid Waste

After remodelling your house, or going through another construction project, you’ve probably been concerned about where to put your rubbish. The best and most convenient solution to clean up your waste is to opt in for skip bin hire in Newcastle. When you hire skip bins (of any size, like a large skip bin for big renovating projects), you can expect someone to pick up your rubbish soon. 

But there’s something else you have to consider. Not all wastes are the same. All of your rubbish might not be allowed in skip bins, or if it is, they might need extra processing. Liquid waste is different from all other types of waste.

What is liquid waste?

Liquid waste can be found anywhere. It can be from sewage projects, or wastewater from industrial and manufacturing plants. In your home, liquid waste includes products like paint, oil, photographic processing effluent, dyes, and resins and inks. Acids and detergents are also part of liquid waste.

Now, when you want your liquid waste to be removed in a skip bin, you have to think about the nature of your liquid waste before you hire the skip bin. What is it like? Does it carry a high risk level?

For example, there’s a big difference between hazardous chemicals which may have pathogens, versus unused detergents. There’s also a different way to process liquid waste that can still have future use, like those with organic nutrients that can be processed into fertiliser.

How do you properly dispose of liquid waste?

Hiring a skip bin is just a first step. You have to ensure that the persons transporting the liquid waste is licensed. There’s no issue with that here at Newcastle Skips. You also need to clearly classify and segregate the liquid waste. There are liquid wastes that can be treated for irrigation or other uses, as mentioned. Some liquid wastes need to be directed to a liquid waste treatment facility. Lastly, some will just have to go to the sewage system.

Remember that some waste types are prohibited from Newcastle skip bins or require special processing. This includes contaminated waste, specific chemicals, and oils, as well as liquid paint, and putrescible and food waste.

Go to a skip bin hire company that you can trust. Newcastle Skips is a locally owned company established back in 1999. We have an eco-friendly philosophy, and a commitment to recycling and proper waste removal. 

So if you’re unsure about how to classify or process your liquid waste, don’t hesitate to call us at 0240 361 548. At Newcastle Skips, you will find our service professional and friendly. You can also make use of our convenient 24/7 booking system to directly hire skip bins for your waste removal needs.

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