Harmful Effects of Burning Green Waste

Harmful Effects of Burning Green Waste

Why green waste should never be burnt

We discard a lot of green waste from our homes on a daily basis. From the garden to the kitchen, the organic waste makes up a sizable portion of our total rubbish. However, while most trash is fit for nothing but dumping, the same isn’t true for the green waste. It is made up of organic matter, from which compost can be created, green waste can be used as a biofuel, or even mixed with sewage to help dispose of it safely. In essence, green waste is a renewable choice.

Yet, with most of the general public ignorant of the above facts, burning of green waste is a common phenomenon. What contributes to it is the flammable nature of the green waste, especially when mixed with things like paper, cardboard, and rubber. For most waste removal agencies, disposal of green waste through burning is an easy mechanism to dispose of it.

Few realise that burning green waste like this, whether in our own backyard or local landfill, creates lasting bad effects on our lives over a period of time. Consider the following reasons why burning green waste is a horrible idea:

It is harmful for our health and safety

When green waste burns at the local landfill, the resulting smoke can wreak havoc on the lives of children and people with respiratory conditions. It can trigger panic and asthma attacks.  The flames release toxic fumes and chemicals such as dioxins which can make even a healthy individual ill. Over a period of time, regular inhaling of this smoke can lead to diseases like cancer, liver failure, skin allergies, and rashes. Also, there have been instances when such means of waste disposal lead to uncontrollable fires and even explosions because flammable elements like oil have been mixed with the green waste.

Burning green waste is harmful for the environment

Burning green waste is harmful for the environment

It is common knowledge that burning organic waste leads to pollution in the air, land, and even water. Even after it has been completely burnt, the ash that’s left behind can, over time, find its way to the nearby land and water sources. Persistent burning at one place can adversely affect the groundwater as the ashes are absorbed. Burning of green waste leads to flames that contain greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. With time, these chemicals bind with the ozone layer of the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.

Burning of green waste leads to weaker economies

The countries and communities that practice unmanaged burning of green waste harm their economies in the long run. Apart from pollution and other harmful effects on the health of the individuals, burning of green waste often leads to large scale fires in which forests are wiped out, agricultural fields are burnt, food and crops are damaged and the economy has to bear the cost of all these losses.

These are the reasons why all developed as well as developing nations of the world are turning to eco-friendly ways of green and other waste disposal. There is growing awareness among people that our health and environment can remain safe only if our waste-disposal techniques encourage recycling and rebuilding.

One of the ways you can contribute to lesser or no burning of green waste is by engaging the services of a Skip Bin service. With such a service, you can dispose of your green and other waste in a more systematic and environment-friendly manner.

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