Garden Waste

Autumn!  That time of year when your garden needs a good ‘going over’ and cleaning up. There are trees to prune; all the extra garden waste that goes with harvesting your veggie garden; fruit trees; all the extra vegetation when cutting back berry bushes/plants; vines to be removed (anyone who has grown grapes etc. will know the huge amount of vegetation left at the end of the growing season!); all those limbs that have fallen or were cut back, but not removed from the garden; all the weeding, mowing, whipper snipping, and general cleaning up of any other garden waste lying around: it all adds up.  And if you don’t have space for a gigantic compost bin, it becomes a very real issue.

Hiring a trailer

Backing it up to the garden; loading it up evenly in order to tie it up without any of the garden waste falling off on the way to the tip; tying the rubbish on safely and securely; then taking it to the tip, and unloading it.  A lot of work is involved in getting your backyard cleared, and taking the waste to the tip.

With a skip bin, the work is so much easier

The skip gets delivered; you load all your garden waste inside, evenly; and the bin then gets collected.  (Keep in mind, however, the following are not permitted in the green waste bins: tree stumps or branches greater than 100mm diameter, fence palings, timbers, copper logs or sleepers.)  But there is enough bulk with everything else to make it a full load.

We hear about garden waste, but not until we see it actually piled up in the garden, with the prospect of removing it, are we faced with the dilemma of how to actually do it.

As mentioned in our home page, Newcastle Skips offers to skip bins in multiple sizes, for small to large jobs.  If you do not have space on your property for a large skip bin, we also provide kerbside collection.  Fill in the contact details on our Home Page for an instant quote.  Our friendly staff are happy to help you decide the best way to go:  we’ll perform an initial inspection, and quote you a price.

Remember, we offer free quotes – just contact us and we’ll take it from there.  Remember, too, we have an eco-friendly philosophy and we are committed to recycling.

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