Creative Recycling for Millennials

Creative Recycling for Millennials

Millennials place importance on sustainability. A study commissioned by Rubbermaid Commercial Products found  that one in three millennials considers a company’s reputation as a sustainable business when choosing their next job. That’s how much they value it. Another study done by Lightspeed, a research organisation, discovered that 77% of millennials say they recycle at work while 83% say they recycle at home.

To further encourage millennials to recycle, below are some creative recycling ideas to try out:

1. Turn PET bottles into plant boxes.

Turn PET bottles into plant boxes.

Gather all your old milk containers and soft drink bottles and turn them into your very own garden. Have you been planning on setting up your own herb garden? Try out this cheap and sustainable option. You can even customise the size of your yard depending on your space and the availability of your PET bottles. Now you can eat sustainably and recycle PET bottles at the same time.

2. Make up-cycled jewellery.

Make up-cycled jewellery.

Do you have a stack of used paper lying around the house? Have you recently gone out shopping and found a unique pendant but with no chain? Consider turning these items into one-of-a-kind jewellery. You can even explore using old circuit boards to turn them into quirky earrings. You might want to consider selling your creations too! Etsy has quite a few listings of up-cycled jewellery.

3. Throw a garage sale.

Throw a garage sale.

One person’s trash can become another person’s treasure. Sort through your closet, and you will find clothes and shoes you have not worn for a long time. Maybe it doesn’t fit you anymore, or perhaps you’ve outgrown the style already. Don’t throw them into the bin yet! Consider selling them to extend their life and make some money. You may opt to sell  online or hold a garage sale.

Australia has thousands of garage sales every weekend! Did you know that there is even an annual event called the Garage Sale Trail? Why not join this year’s event happening on 19 and 20 October 2019? Last year, they had nearly 350,000 participants! It’s a fun way to re-use your old stuff.

4. Make glass jar art.

glass jar art

Think twice about throwing away your old glass jars. There are various ways you can up-cycle them! From colourful vases to sconce lights, you can get as creative as you want with your old glass jars.

5. Try out a weekly ’leftover’ night.

Try out a weekly ’leftover’ night.

Around 35% of an Australian’s household bin is food waste. Consider trying out a ’leftover’ night where you will  eat any remaining food from the week. This is a practical way to avoid any more food wastage plus it keeps you from spending on takeout too.

6. Make your own vegetable garden.

Make your own vegetable garden.

Want home-grown vegetables right on your plate? Why not try your green thumb and start a vegetable garden. Freshly picked food tastes better, plus, you’ll have a better relationship with your food if you personally grow it!

A vegetable garden does not need to take up that much space. You can explore setting up a wall garden or just growing your vegetables in pots. Having your own vegetable garden helps reduce your carbon footprint, cuts your supermarket expenses, and provides you with healthier food options. It’s also a good way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

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