Where did Skip Bins Originate

Where did Skip Bins Originate

Skip bins, or ‘dumpsters’ as they are called in the other parts of the world, have an interesting history. While the stories of their origin are sketchy, it is widely believed that they began around the 1700s, when the beekeepers of Europe started using them first. At the time, the bins being used were made […]

Skip bin safety tips

Skip Bin Safety Tips

If you are considering to hire a skip bin, you should also know that there are some safety tips that you need to consider to make sure that everyone’s safe. To prevent anyone from getting injured, you need to keep in mind some of the following safety tips. Load the Skip Evenly This is necessary […]

Move To A New House The Right Way- Hire Skip Bins

Proper preparation and skip bin hire can help you move to a new house seamlessly. If you are planning to move to a brand new house, it is important to understand that it’s one of the most stressful life experience for the family members. Therefore, by planning accordingly, you can make your move as seamless […]

E-Waste: A Dangerous Waste Material

When you first saw e-waste, I’m sure you thought about “how can that be dangerous?” I’m certainly sure that you thought of the recycle bin in your computer. Wrong! We are talking about old and unused technology. Examples are microwaves, oven, mobile phones, computers and anything in between. Computers are considered as the most frequently […]

Spring Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Hook Lift For Hire Skip The Tip

Spring is the best time for cleaning and decluttering the entire house. After all, it is easy for the dust to settle and for the clutter to pile up during winter when most of us feel like doing nothing at all. Towards the end of winter, as the sun begins to show itself once again […]

Cleaning Up After Flood Damage

IMMEDIATE CLEANUP (1st STAGE) A flood is always a devastating event, and the heartbreak at witnessing your possessions being either washed away or damaged, no matter what their value, is something that cannot be fully understood unless you have experienced it yourself. For those who unfortunately have to evacuate their homes, there is always the […]

Using Skip Bins When Renovating

Hook Lift Bin Newcastle NSW

According to the experts at the Australian Bureau of Statistics there was approximately  $7.2 billion worth of major renovations done by Australians in 2014 and 2015. Equally, that means that there were also millions, to billions, of tons of waste generated. This total does not include other types of projects such as construction, demolition jobs, […]

Skip Bin Sizes (which fits into which?)

Skip Bin Sizes (which fits into which?) - Newcastle Skip Bins

Skip bins are essential components and tools for enabling better waste management systems, which has become paramount these days due to the growing number of people living in Australia. The increased population impacts the overall efficiency of the systems processing the tonnes and tonnes of generated waste material. But skip bins for hire can also […]